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Investor Relations

Share & shareholder structure


The shareholder structure of the Amadeus Fire Group is broadly diversified, with no investor holding more than 10% of the shares. Around two thirds of the shares are held by institutional investors.

Due to the broadly diversified shareholder structure, the share has a free float of over 90 percent.


For more detailed information, please refer to our annual report.

The Amadeus Fire Share



M.M. Warburg, Hamburg
Target price: 180.00 EUR, Recommendation: buy
(last Update: March 19, 2024)

Facts about the Amadeus Fire share

Identification-No. 509 310 (Common stock)
Stock exchange index AAD (Common stock)
Stock exchange segment Regulated market
Segment Prime Standard
Designated Sponsor M.M.Warburg
Date of first listing at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange March 4th, 1999
IPO share price Euro 11,50
Capital Stock Euro 5.432.157
Denomination, type of share and nominal value: 5,718,060 non-par-value bearer shares
Authorized Capital Euro 1,039,648
Management Board Robert von Wülfing (Chief Executive Officer), Dennis Gerlitzki
Supervisory Board Christoph Groß (Chairman), Michael Grimm (Deputy Chairman), Michael C. Wisser, Knuth Henneke, Annett Martin, Dr. Ulrike Schweibert, Hartmut van der Straeten, Ulrike Bert (Employee's representative), Ulrike Sommer (Employee's representative), Andreas Setzwein (Employee's representative), Elmar Roth (Employee's representative), Mathias Venema (Trade union representative), Angelika Kappe (Trade union representative) Björn Empting (Arbeitnehmervertreter), Angelika Kappe (Gewerkschaftsvertreter), Annett Martin, Stefanie Mielast (Gewerkschaftsvertreter), Christian Maria Ribic (Arbeitnehmervertreter), Dr. Ulrike Schweibert, Ulrike Bert (Arbeitnehmervertreter), Otto Kajetan Weixler, Jan Hendrik Wessling (Vertreter der Leitenden Angestellten)