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Skilled workers have become a critical success factor in Germany. Consistently changing requirement profiles and the fact that “baby boomers” (1955 to 1965) are retiring from the labour market create a constant need for qualified employees. As a result, companies are highly willing to invest in the recruitment of personnel, their training and employee retention.

These are the ideal market conditions for the Amadeus Fire Group, whose unique portfolio provides comprehensive solutions to personnel and training needs for commercial knowledge and IT qualifications.


Market leader in finance and accounting

With its Personnel Services segment, Amadeus Fire is the market leader in the temporary placement of specialists and managers in finance and accounting. The high quality of the candidates is also reflected in the fact that nowhere else in the industry are so many temporary employees taken on as permanent employees by the company.

There are also excellent conditions for the Training segment. Publicly funded training is recognised as the most important method of countering the shortage of skilled workers by training new people. Both GFN and COMCAVE offer a comprehensive range of publicly funded training courses for commercial and IT qualifications.

Steuer-Fachschule Dr. Endriss is the market leader for training in the field of finance and accounting – and has been for over 70 years. Steuer-Fachschule Dr. Endriss also includes the Akademie für internationale Rechnungslegung (Academy for International Accounting), to date the leading provider of training in the area of IAS/IFRS and US GAAP on the German market.

The company’s goal is to build and maintain long-term partnships

To maintain personal contact with customers, participants and employees, Amadeus Fire operates exclusively on the German market within the locations established here with the intention of achieving both nationwide and local market leadership.

The company relies on a high level of internal expertise to meet the targets and requirements set. We maintain the best possible reputation with all market participants through high quality standards in conjunction with dynamic response times.

The company’s goal is to build and maintain a long-term partnership with clients, candidates, employees, interim managers and course and training participants, with the hope that roles will evolve over the years from employee to training participant to client. The partnership between the various groups of people can develop in many different ways, and the corresponding service portfolio comprising personnel services and training creates the appropriate options for this.


Strong internal set-up for the future

Targeted recruitment, continual and comprehensive internal training, performance-related compensation and the creation of further internal benefits increase the success and satisfaction of employees. Investments in software, infrastructure and technology are also made on an ongoing basis.

The continuous recruitment of qualified employees and instructors is intended to enable deeper penetration of local markets, hopefully leading to a long-term and sustainable increase in the operating results achieved and, accordingly, in the value of the company. In addition to organic growth, targeted growth through acquisitions is also a focus of the Training segment. The aim is to achieve the highest operating margins in the industry.